Questions And Answers About Electro Sex For BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Does electro sex really work?
Yes. It works far better than the average person can imagine. For years this electro sex technique has been used by professional sex workers for the sexual satisfaction of their clientele. Finally this technique is entering the mainstream, and making it's way to you. Electro sex lacks an emotional element. However it does provide greatly increased physical response, length of orgasm, intensity of orgasm, frequency of orgasm (multiple) and amount of ejaculation. Orgasm is a pleasurable sensation triggered by the human body in response to visual, emotional, genital friction, or other stimuli. Nerves are electrical triggers, and by applying the proper targeted electronic signals to activate them, the feelings are beyond anything you have ever experienced..

Does electro sex hurt?
No. Electro sex is completely under your control. The sensations are fully adjustable from the slightest tingle to the most intense pulses. You set the electro sex sensations for what you want, and change them at will. You can vary it from the slightest tingle to soaring throbbingly orgasmic pulses, and anything in between, and as long as you practice these techniques with proper guidance, there are no painful sensations. But, as with anything, negligence, abuse, excessive drug or alcohol use or intentional misuse can present some potential safety issues. There are simple precautionary measures we provide that must be taken to prevent exceeding certain limits.

What does electro sex really feel like?
It is truly incredible. The types of sensations vary widely with the type of input source. You can be pulsed to intense orgasm, or a long slow arousing stimulation climaxing with a screaming crescendo orgasm.
Everyone likes something different.
Everyone has a different concept of pleasure.

Are there any long term side effects of electro sex?
Only good ones! Increased sensitivity, penis enlargement (in a small number of cases), sexual satisfaction, repeated multiple orgasms. These methods have been used for years, by many people, with no negative side effects at all. Every aspect of this experience is entirely under your control.

Do people really have orgasms using electro sex apparatus?
Definitely. These electro sex techniques are used to induce really intense sexual pleasure and orgasms the like of which most people have never experienced. In addition to this we have received many e-mails from people telling of their experiences and of the great joy of finally achieving full sexual satisfaction, which conventional masturbation often falls far short of. These techniques have helped many to relieve the frustration of not being able to have normal sexual relations, for whatever reason. Some have reported penis enlargement with frequent use, as these methods stimulate the muscles in the penis and groin, and just as with any muscle or tissue, frequent use or stimulation causes growth.

People occasionally approach the idea of electro sex with strong skepticism or disbelief. Magazine articles have been devoted to electro sex in Playboy, Hustler, and other mainstream sexually oriented publications. Electrosex is very real and here to stay. It is becoming widely practiced and put into use everyday. HBO has even picked up the subject and has presented some introductions to it.

Does electro sex work with both men and women?
Yes. It is slightly easier to use by men because of the nature of their anatomy. Men will achieve extreme stimulation and a mind- bending orgasm. Women typically use lower electro sex apparatus settings and achieve orgasm approximately one third as fast as conventional sex. They also report the electro sex induced orgasms last much longer and are approximately 4 times more intense.

Can electro sex make someone have an orgasm, even if that person has never had one before?
It is possible. The actual condition of the specific individual may entirely prohibit optimum sexual function. Electro sex does produce far more intense stimuli than normal sex, but whether it would work on 100% of these individuals all the time is impossible to forecast.

I am not technically inclined; can I still do electro sex?
Anyone can do it. If you know how to hook up your own stereo to the speakers and go into a typical home center and buy five common items, you have the technical skills to achieve an incredible electro sexual experience.

How long does it take to get set up?
About 30 minutes. Subsequent electro sex apparatus setups can be made virtually in seconds. No special tools or skills are required.

Can electro sex apparatus be used with couples?
Definitely. Electro sex will dramatically increase the sexual stimulation and pleasure of both partners. In conventional sex, multiple orgasms sometimes occur in women, but rarely, if ever, in men. With electro sex techniques multiple orgasms or very prolonged orgasms are possible for men as well as women. The stimulation to the genitals of both genders is completely controlled. It can be increased at the onset of orgasm, or immediately after initial orgasm, with no effort from the participant.

Japanese sexology researchers conducted a very interesting sexual study. Under laboratory conditions, they monitored the heart rates, length of time to erection and orgasm, and duration of orgasm(s) in both men and women. The results showed a very significant increase in sexual arousal and pleasure in both genders using electro sex stimulation. In men an erection is not even required to continue stimulation to the point of additional orgasm(s).

These electro sex techniques are utilized in many different ways by participants, limited only by their imagination. They are used alone or in conjunction with many other types of sexual practice including masturbation, hetero, gay, group, fetish, BDSM and others.

How does electro sex compare with other sexual stimulation devices and techniques?
It stands alone. You could elect to get a vacuum pump items. However we all know that these mechanical contraptions are dated technology. Not to mention clumsy and not quite as effective as they were purported to be. By using electro sex, you are bypassing the frictional element, and going right to the source of the pleasure. Electro sex stimulates you at the deepest level, and holds you on the brink as long as you like. Want to have another? Leave it plugged in and away you go.
Electro Stimulation Fetishism Pleasure - Questions And Answers About Electro Sex
Questions And Answers About Electro Sex For BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
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