Types Of Electro Sex Electrical Stimulation Devices For  Electro Sex Pleasure
Electrical Stimulation Devices

Medical TENS units are designed to produce temporary pain blocks in nerves (for pain management), and though they can be used for erotic electro stimulation purposes, most people don't find the sensation they produce especially erotic. Medical EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) units are quite different and are designed to cause muscle contraction (eg, in the thighs) and are also far from optimal for erotic use.

Body Toning Electrical Stimulation Devices

An increasing number of "body toner" or "electro massage" -type devices are being marketed directly to consumers. Like medical devices, these types of devices were not designed as sexually-oriented equipment. They vary widely in quality and capabilities and most have a power output that is often too low for erotic use.

Homemade Electrical Stimulation Devices

Some people may try to craft a "homemade" electrostimulation device, or adapt or modify commercial products that were never intended for electrostimulation of the human body. Unless the designer and builder is both graduate level informed in biomedical electronics and very well insured, this is not a good idea. These are dangerous practices; such improvised devices can easily inflict permanent damage or death and should not be used.

Erotic Electrical Stimulation Devices

Erotic electro stimulation devices are specifically designed and manufactured for erotic use on the human body. The first analogue devices became popular during the early 1980s, and later during the 1990s digital devices also became available. Both types usually allow for adjustments of electrical frequency and power output levels. The price of erotic electro stimulation units varies according to the design and sophistication of the device.

There are three major manufacturers of erotic electro stimulation units in the United States, two in the UK and several other around the world. Different manufacturers use different connector types, but adapters are available to allow electrodes made by other manufacturers to be safely and conveniently used with other erotic electro stimulation devices.

Medical gel electrodes are commonly used and have a 0.080 inch jack (and may require a "banana-to-pins" adapter to convert a standard 4 mm silicone should generally not be used since silicone is an insulator and hence reduces conductivity. Choice of lubricant is important, too; compatibility with the material of the electrode accessories is important, as well as desirable conductive properties, which can maximize the strength and quality of the signal.
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Types Of Electro Sex Electrical Stimulation Devices For  Electro Sex Pleasure
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