A Personal Electro Sex Experience For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Electro Sex And Fist Fucking

Today got off to a good start, with some great feedback from one of my phone session friends. He's been thoroughly enjoying our chats, and is finding himself thinking of calling me more and more. I've cautioned him not to burn out too quickly, but admitted I find his enthusiasm endearing.

A little bit later, a gentleman came in for a heavy cock and ball torture session. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I was extremely pleased to hear that his pet interests were electro torture and anal play!

I strapped him onto his back on the bench and inserted a butt plug into his ass, roping it into place. I attached cuffs and a spreader bar and tied up his cock and balls then, after a bit of a false start with the violet wand, got out my beloved TENS and began to have some fun with him. I spent a little while sending one current straight across his testicles and another from the head to the base of his cock, then slowly stepped up the intensity until he was writhing and moaning and twitching in pleasure. I moved from there to inserting an electrified probe into his ass and running a circuit between it and an electrified pinwheel running up and down the shaft of his cock while the other circuit ran straight across his cock head. Had he not been thoroughly strapped down, I suspect he would have levitated off the bench.

I brought him down slowly with a lower current running between two pads that I slowly and erotically rubbed his cock head between. The agonised and perplexed look on his face as he tried to figure out if he found the feeling painful or pleasurable had me endlessly entertained.

He was finally permitted to orgasm. He found that, at least, relatively free of confusion.

Later I had a booking with a gentleman I had been looking forward to for some time. He had contacted me via email with an extremely hot proposition: he wanted to try and take a double fisting from me.

As per our discussion, I met him for the first time in the Dungeon, where he was already clean and fitted with quite a large butt plug. I positioned him in the sling, cuffed him into place, and donned the black latex gloves he had brought with him. He had expressed a preference for these over the veterinary gloves usually used for safe fistings, and I couldn't blame him: the sleek, shiny black latex covering me from fingertips to forearm really looked like a fist you would want to be fucked by.

I removed the sizeable plug he had stretching out his hole and lubed up my hand. Imagine my surprise when one of my hands slid right into him with very little resistance! He closed his eyes as I began to slowly fist fuck him, increasing the tempo as he tilted his pelvis towards me and urged me to push deeper into him. He was quite a slim-built lad and I could see his lower abdomen pulsing with each thrust. It was such an erotic sight that I couldn't take my eyes off it.

I forced my fist and forearm deeper into him, and to my surprise he raised his lower body completely out of the sling and began to almost climb my arm. His urgency was contagious, and I found myself with more than half my forearm buried in his gaping asshole. It was time to attempt the double fisting.

We spent quite some time working on it, and a lot of lube and effort went into the attempt. He once again startled by me by getting closer than any previous effort: he took me right up to the widest part of my double fist, but couldn't quite stretch wide enough to let me slip inside. Eventually, we conceded defeat, and I went back to fist fucking him hard and fast until he explosively came.

Both of today's sessions left me rather hot and bothered: An electro-pain slut and the most impressive, inviting asshole I've ever had the pleasure of violating. I'm definitely looking forward to a second round with each of them.  
Electro Stimulation Fetishism Pleasure - A Personal Experience Of The Pleasures Of Electro Sex And E-Stim
A Personal Electro Sex Experience For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
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