A Personal Electro Sex Experience For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Swingers Stories And Erotic Fantasies - Electro Sex

We often play around with fairly mild bondage, the under the matress straps are a permanent feature of our marital bed, both of us enjoy having the other at our mercy, and both enjoy being helpless and tied to the bed or what ever else we think of, well a couple of weeks ago, she decided it was my turn to be tied up, I love being used when I can't do anything to stop her, we both keep our bits smooth, I had just had a shower and use some Immac to remove all the hair from my groin, she attached the straps to my wrists and ankles stretching me out to the four corners of the bed, much tighter than usual.

My cock had started to respond to the feeling of a naked woman tying me just as naked to the bed and was sticking up, begging for attention, she then went to the cupboard and got out my tens machine, I asked her what she was going to do with it, she replied give you some electric thrills, I was not too happy and told her so, she took her knickers and stuffed them into my mouth tying them in place with one of her stockings, she then lifted my head up and put her pillows on top of mine, telling me I should watch what she was going to do to me.

She stuck one of the pads under my balls, and another on my cock along the shaft she then turned the machine on, at first it was just a mild tingle, then she turned it up a bit and the effect was electrifying, my cock jerked and throbbed, she turned it up more and it literally made my body lift clear of the bed, she altered the settings so it gave bursts of current, letting me relax between, but it was even more exciting, not knowing when the next bolt was going to hit me.

She turned it up to full power, I would have asked her to turn it down if I could have said anything but with my mouth full of her knickers I could only moan, she thought I was just enjoying it, I was but it was more than I could bear, I could feel myself coming with out any other stimulation, shooting huge wads of spunk high in the air, she turned it down, but kept it going enough to keep my cock hard, she was telling me all the time how she was going to fuck me hard and sexy all the time.

She turned it off and removed the pad from my cock, climbing on top of me impaling herself on my still rock hard cock, she stuck the second pad on her own bum, and turned the machine on again, this time the current was running from her to me through her wet cunt, it was making her grip my cock with her cunt every time the burst came she turned it up till we were fucking in time with the machine, every time it sent shocks through our bodies we rammed tight together relaxing when it stopped, she had set it on a random setting so it pulsed, it tingled & it throbbed, a sort of knocking, that was the best, she took her knickers out of my mouth and said which setting do you like the best, I told her the knocking, one she turned the machine on to the programme that just did that and at a random rate and intensity, it was the best sex I have ever had and because I had just come we lasted ages, the machine turns off automatically after half an hour, she turned it back on three times so we must have been fucking like that for an hour and a half, she had many climaxes and eventually I could hold back no longer and filled her pussy with my cum, as much if not more that a usual first time.

She told me later she had seen a web site that said a tens machine was just as good as the expensive electro sex machines and had tried it out on herself, several times giving her many hands free climaxes, since then we have tried all sorts of combinations and she has ordered some special extras for the machine including a cock ring, that sends the pulses through the penis, and a butterfly for herself, it has added a whole new dimention to our sex lives and cant wait to get the new gadgets to try, if you have a tens machine great if not you can buy them for a few pounds, well worth the investment, and they work for aches and pains as well!
Electro Stimulation Fetishism Pleasure - A Personal Experience Of The Pleasures Of Electro Sex And E-Stim
A Personal Electro Sex Experience For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
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