What Exactly Is Electro Sex For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Electro sex is a unique innovation in sexual stimulation. Most sex toys have batteries and use a small electric motor with an offset weight fitted to the shaft. This causes it to vibrate (the good old vibrator started life this way) the vibrations pass to the user’s nerve endings causing sexual stimulation. The problem is that the human brain learns very quickly and if the pattern of vibrations is constant or predictable, the initial strong stimulation soon reduces as the brain becomes accustomed to the constant vibrations.

Electro sex is the next progression in sexual pleasure as advanced sex toys embrace new technology – after all we use a vibrator to stimulate nerve endings which in turn send electrical signals to the brain – well if we are converting vibrations into electrical signals, why not cut out the noisy vibrator and directly apply electrical signals to the membranes we wish to stimulate and to take it a stage further and connect a processor that can drive various programs so that the patterns are always changing so that the brain never gets bored.

Many people enjoy electro sex simply because it makes them horny. Couples have discovered that electro sex is the perfect enhancement to spice up their love life. Masturbation moves to a most amazing new level with some men and women even experiencing hands free orgasms. You may have heard of e-stim a number of years ago usually connected with electricity used for erotic BDSM play. It can create high-intensity sensations without causing the lingering discomfort and harm to the body you often get with other BDSM techniques or it directly stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals to generate a highly stimulating blend of sensations.

Electrosex initially started life by people using sticky pads and ‘Tens’ units for sexual electrical stimulation but these had many problems – too weak a signal – not the right frequencies, pulse width, tempo, programs that were very short and finally – they were not designed for sex.

The electro sex industry was born as companies started to manufacture purpose built hand held electro sex controllers that were designed to achieve strong sexual sensations. Today a great addition to many sexual scenarios whether you are heterosexual – gay – a couple or single enjoy the new generation of sophisticated electro sex controllers and the ever growing numbers of electrodes and other electro sex attachments which are becoming available.

When the stimulation is applied to specially designed erotic electrodes it is possible stimulate the genital area either externally or deep inside in a wide variety of ways for the purpose of masturbation or foreplay. The electro sex controllers for sale on this web site can produce a continuously changing variety of erotic mind blowing sensations. You could put a blindfold on your partner, and they'll swear the stationary electrode is moving too slow or too fast, changing in size, vibrating tiny tingles or body shaking vibrations – in fact they are not moving and completely stationary. In reality, you'll just be sitting back and watching our controllers do all the foreplay work – great prelude to sex!.

Has your wife fantasised about having sex with two men or indulge in double penetration sex? But of course it will never come to reality and neither of you wish it too. Electro sex gives you the opportunity to enact these fantasies without compromising the relationship. The sensations can be preset in a controller or you can make your own up. Remember there are no moving parts to wear out and it is totally silent but your partner may be a little noisier with their climaxes.

Electro sex is intended for use by sexually liberated persons of all sexes, of all persuasions and of all ages.
Electro Stimulation Fetishism Pleasure - What Are Electro Fetish Sex Instruments And Equipment
What Exactly Is Electro Sex For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
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