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Buy Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim Fetish Pleasure
Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap - For Fetish / BDSM E-Stim Pleasure

The Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap set is perfect for especially intense stimulation of the male genitalia and provides a tingly, sensuous pleasure which can either lead you quickly to the most unexpected ejaculatory and orgasmic heights or can be enjoyed for hours.

Because the Rodeo Robin straps are adjustable they can comfortably be sheathed, and afterwards adapted so that they are tight to the glans, penis root or testicles. Care should always be taken to connect the strap with the black wire to the area which is closer to the body - meaning if you connect the glands and the root of the penis you connect the first with the red wire and the last with the black one. This will make the electro sex stimulation even more intense.

The Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Straps are placed around the penis, connected to a power pack and fed safe levels of electro pulses, which produce some seriously amazing sensations. In fact, some users have compared the sensations to a silky, smooth hand job - but without the hands!

The smooth silicone bands can be adjusted to fit the penis and/or testicles via the simple clips.
The Mystim Rodeo Robin is an accessory for the Tension Lover Kit. The Rodeo Robin is a penis and testicle strap set where an exciting electrical current is used to create sensuous stimulations. The fully adjustable straps are easy to use. Place one over the testicles and the other over the penis. Adjust the tightness per your individual preference. The stimulation created is a tingling sensation that can be intensified depending on the placement of the straps. Explore a new kind of erotic pleasure with your partner through electro sex power play!

Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap Contents:

1 Penis belt
1 testicle belt
1 Connecting wire
Made of silicone
24 month manufacturer’s warranty

Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap Safety, Care and Usage:

Carefully clean the Rodeo Robin strap set after use. Be sure to read all instructions diligently before using.

Please Note: Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.
Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle Strap - For Fetish / BDSM E-Stim Pleasure
Mystim Rodeo Robin CBT Strap
Online Price : $44.80
Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap - For Fetish / BDSM E-Stim Pleasure

The Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis And Testicle CBT / Strap is easily one of the best functioning devices in this category I have found anywhere online. It is basically two lengths of conductive rubber tubing with sliding clamps arranged in two loops. A standard TENS plug with color coded .080 inch pins is included so you are ready to plug right into a Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes TENS unit.

The Rodeo Robin device works well as it comes out of the box, but you will run into issues of some hot spots, especially if one moves around at all. Using a conductive gel like Spectra 360 dramatically reduces any possible problems like this, which I find necessary if you play at higher levels of power with e-stim units.

You will also have to pay attention to where the loose ends are resting, as you can get sudden contacts and electrical flow from unintended areas, which may not be pleasant.

I have found the combination of conductive gel and carbon/latex electrodes to work the best for most kinds of play, and I would certainly put this set in that category.

The tubing is quite flexible, and the Rodeo Robin is easy to use. I am very impressed by the quality of the carbon/latex tubing that I am going to get several sets to play with using the tubing in other arrangements. It would be nice if they sold the tubing by itself, but the cost of this is quite reasonable, especially compared to most electrode sets designed for this kind of play. Definitely worth getting if you are into e-stim and electrical BDSM play. The use is limited only by your imagination, and the laws of physics, I suppose.
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