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Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit Review - Affordable Violet Wand Alternative For Electro Sex / E-Stim Pleasure
Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit Review - Violet Wand Alternative

The Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit is a high quality, versatile electrical stimulation sex toy created by Kinklab in their Electro-Erotic line of sex aids. The Neon Wand is an affordable version of the ever-popular Violet Wand BDSM and fetish sex item. The Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit includes the Neon Wand itself, a good storage box, the instruction manual, and the four glass electrodes. With its gorgeous, glowing glass attachments and its unique ability to literally make sparks fly from your fingertips, this instrument of pleasure and pleasurable pain has an incredible repertoire of ways to discharge static electricity across the skin's surface, creating sensations that range from a warm tingle to an attention getting, focused sting.
Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit
Online Price : $150.00
Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit Review - Affordable Violet Wand Alternative
Kink Lab Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit Review - Affordable Violet Wand Alternative

The packaging of the Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit will last a long time as it is made for long term storage of the Neon Wand and its attachments. The outer box is made of a strong, firm cardboard, and it seals shut by a magnet. Don’t go turning this box upside down, but it’ll stay shut with regular use. There’s a foam insert that has spaces for the four different glass violet Wand style electrode attachments as well as the Neon Wand to safely sit. The box will work very well for storage, but it is not discreet. It does say Neon Wand on the outside, and the packaging is eye-catching. If you want a high-quality case, you can purchase one at a Violet Wand store, and you should be able to fit the Neon Wand and the four electrodes into that case.

Basically, the Neon Wand is an electric device that channels electricity through the glass attachments and to the skin. The electricity only discharges when there is a bridge to jump. If you push it fully against the skin, nothing happens, but when it has a tiny bridge to jump, you get little sparks. Think of it like slightly-intense static electricity when you rub your feet on a carpet, etc. The Neon Wand allows you to adjust the sensations from sensual to intense. While this is all happening, you can actually see the beautiful jump of electricity in the dark, so you can make a beautiful light show as well.

Here is some of the safety information you should know:

The Neon Wand can not be used with people with pacemakers, heart conditions, or those who are pregnant.
The Neon Wand should not be used near flammable liquids nor gas nor anywhere near the eyes.
You shouldn’t use the Neon Wand on one spot for more than 10 seconds as it could possibly burn the skin.
Always having burn ointment on hand, just in case.
Don’t operate the Neon Wand near water, with wet hands or a wet body, or if the electrodes are wet.
Don’t turn on the Neon Wand or immediately unplug if something appears to be wrong; like there is smoke, it smells weird, or makes odd noises.
Do not use the Neon Wand on any jewelry, watches, or body piercings as it can be much more intense than the setting the Wand is on. Some kinksters who are experience do this, but if you are just starting with your Neon Wand, I do not recommend it.

Many people are terrified of the idea of electricity. With the Kinklab Neon Wand, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. For one, when you adjust the Neon Wand, you can actually hear the buzzing, and the buzzing gets more intense as the intensity of the electricity goes up. if you are trying to surprise your partner, this is a downside, but for the average person, it certainly is reassuring. You can turn down the Wand all the way before using it, and you can slowly move up in intensity from there which allows you to start with the weaker settings first.

I’ve played around with Violet Wands before, and I must say that I’m really impressed with this toy. An average Violet Wand, alone, costs $250 or even more, and then you have to add in the accessories and glass probes. This entire kit just costs only $150. That is a huge savingl. Kinklab has really outdone themselves making this, and flipping through the instruction manual, it looks like they are going to continue to make accessories for the Neon Wand.

The great thing about this Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit is that it includes an instruction manual that is very comprehensive. If you know nothing about Violet Wands or the Neon Wand, you’ll still know how to use it. The instructions talk about what the Neon Wand is, how it works, why it is different than the Violet Wand, how the electrodes are, the methods of using the Neon Wand, and safety information about the Neon Wand. Make sure the read the instruction manual fully before using the Neon Wand because you should know how the toy works.

So how does it work? How you control it is as follows: There is a dial at the base of the Neon Wand. You can turn up and down the dial to adjust how intense the electricity will be. You use one of the attachments to really vary the intensity of the spark.

The Neon Wand should always be off when not in use or when changing the glass electrode attachments. For extra safety, I always unplug it too. Never take electricity risks you don’t need to. You then slip the electrode snugly into the Neon Wand; there is no snap noise or anything; it just needs to be snug into the Wand housing. You then can play with the Neon Wand. Start off with the lower settings and move higher; each electrode will feel different and every person will experience every electrode differently, so play it safe and start slowly. Besides, everyone knows the tease is always fun. Once you’re done, again, turn it off and unplug the Wand. Then you can softly tug and wiggle the electrode to remove it. As they are made of thin glass, don’t be stupid and grasp it too roughly; they tend to come out relatively easily, and we’ve had no issues removing them. Just keep in mind that the electrodes are made of glass.

Each one of the attachments is pretty neat. Remember that as the point-of-touch gets smaller, the more intense the sensation will be. The Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit includes four electrodes: There is a rake, a scoop, a small, tilted finger-looking one, and a little dot one. The rake and the scoop have the largest surface area, and they tend to be the least intense. The little dot, which is only a small, tiny dot to touch the skin, is definitely the most intense. The rake makes multiple contact points and so does the scoop. Each one provides an interesting sensation, and none of them are bad electrodes or attachments. I really do like them all. The official names are, in previous order mentioned, the Electrode Comb, the Mushroom Tube electrode, the Tongue Tube electrode, and the 90 degree probe electrode.

Compared to a regular Violet Wand, this Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit is definitely different. The average Violet Wand can not be turned upside down. It will cause the device to turn itself off. With the solid-state core that the Neon Wand uses, it can be turned upside down with no issue. Solid-state cores also tend to be more durable. The Neon Wand is also smaller and lighter than most of the Violet Wands I’ve played with. The other biggest difference is the intensity. The Neon Wand stays at lower levels than an average Violet Wand. Violet Wands can easily reach painful intensities in their settings, so if you have someone is scared of electricity the Neon Wand stays lower without being too low. It can still be intense, but it usually doesn’t get painful – it depends on your pain tolerance.

Honestly, using the Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit is a fantastic experience. The four glass electrodes, while not hugely varying - some Violet Wand kits have 20+ electrodes - make the Kit affordable and still give you choices as to what to feel. The electricity can feel intense, but we like to stay with the intensities that are barely a buzz for sensual shivering and moaning. Those are always the best. The Neon Wand is loud enough to be heard in the same room, but depending on if you have music/television on, you can’t hear it in the other room. It’s a different sound than vibrations; it’s like a humming sound. The Neon Wand has a texture to make it easier to hold, and while it’s a bit bulky for holding, it still is really easy to hold during use. We’ve had no problems with malfunctions or the glass probes, and the entire Kit has worked like a dream. I have not a single bad thing to say about this kit. Not a darn thing.

You shouldn’t use the Neon Wand on open wounds or anything like that, but you still can sterilize the Neon Wand electrodes. You just use alcohol to sterilize it, and make sure not to use the attachments/Neon Wand when wet. When not in use, store all of the items in the box they came in as the foam will help keep your glass electrodes safe. You also can purchase a Violet Wand Storage Case from many fetish retailers which will have room for these electrodes and Wand for storage (as these are standard sized). I’m hoping to see KinkLab come out with one as part of the Kinklab Electro-Erotic line.

Overall, I am very impressed. The Neon Wand Electro Sex Kit has finally made Violet Wand style electro sex stimulation affordable. We have a modern, affordable version that does the same thing. There is a Purple Neon Wand, Blue Neon Wand, and Red Neon Wand that you can purchase.
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