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Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Attachments 3 Pack - For A New Dimension Of Electro Sex Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Attachments For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Attachments 3 Pack - For Electro Sex Pleasure

Experience three whole new dimensions of sensation with the Nexus iStim Attachments Pack. Exclusively designed to connect your Nexus sex toy with the Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator, plugging in to some electro sexual healing couldn’t be easier! Simply remove the silver roller ball from your Nexus sex toy and clip the relevant conductive iStim attachment into place to secure the iStim connector lead. A marriage of electro sex and prostate or G-Spot massage - perfectly designed to target electricity to the prostate, clitoris or G-Spot when used on a Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator

The three Nexus iStim Attachments are              
Nexus iStim Stimulator Attachments
Online Price : $26.99
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Attachments - For Electro Sex Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Attachments 3 Pack - For A New Dimension Of Electro Sex Pleasure

The Nexus iStim Attachments 3 Pack is a versatile pack of three different Nexus iStim-compatible attachments for the Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulation and Massage Device. The attachments are compatible with the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro sex toys. These attachments require the Nexus iStim Electro Sex Device kit.

All three of the Nexus iStim Attachments are included with the Nexus iStim Electrosex Device Kit - the main kit with the power unit itself. This, however, is another three pack of the same items. If you want to use two of the same ones - for example, you have two Nexus Glides and want to use both at once for intense sensations - you should purchase this pack. Also, if you lose the original attachments, you can purchase this pack to get all three attachments back to be able to use them with your Nexus toys.

So, what are these Nexus iStim Attachments? Basically, each one of the attachments is a small plastic piece that attaches to the base of your Nexus toy to make it electricity-compatible. Each one of the plastic pieces can easily be stored in the Nexus iStim Electro-Stim device case with no issue, so you don’t have to worry much about storage issues, and it’s possible to easily remove and attach the attachments to the Nexus sex toys.

How to use the Nexus iStim Attachments seems like a valid concern. However, it’s really easy. You just need to remove the stainless steel ball on whichever Nexus toy you want to use. From there, you clip the Nexus iStim Attachment into the space and push the lead from the iStim into the hole underneath so that it can make contact with the attachment. You then just insert the toy like you normally would, and once the toy is fully inserted, you can turn on the iStim and experience the unique pleasures of electrified sex!

It works as expected. It does make the electricity run throughout the toy, but compared to the self-adhesive electrode pads, be prepared that the electricity will probably not be as strong. It didn’t seem as strong to me. However, it does still transfer the electricity well, so if you’ve ever wanted to try an inserted toy with electricity, this could work out fantastically. Please just make sure to follow all electrosex safety rules, and don’t turn on the electricity until the toy is fully positioning and in-place. If you want to adjust and jiggle the toy while it’s inserted, for safety’s sake, wear latex gloves.

As long as you don’t go wild, the electricity attachment seems to stay attached to the Nexus sex toy really well. It can be pulled off, so do try to minimize movement. This probably would not work during rough sex or active sex. If you were spooning or something like that with a gentle rocking, you could probably get away with it during intercourse. As most of the Nexus toys were intended for Prostate purposes (and meant to be used fully through the internal spasms of muscles), the electricity attachments don’t seem to have been designed for rough sex. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Overall, if you want to use the Nexus iStim electrosex capabilities internally - whether anally or vaginally - these attachments make it possible to have pleasurable electro sex with your Nexus toys.
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