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Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Sophisticated Electro Stimulator For Pleasure And Pain Relief
Buy Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - For Pleasure And Pain Relief

Tickle yourself into a frenzy, reliev back pain or give your tummy muscles a workout. This ist a sophisticated electro sex stimulator that actually works and feels great. The Nexus iStim is the same TENS style device used by physicians and chiropractors to exercise muscles and block chronic pain. If used carefully, it also provides amazing orgasms! Nothing gives pleasure like the iStim! My husband has wonderful, hands-free orgasms using this for masturbation as well, and some of the orgasms I had were very intense when I removed the pads and let myself go! I squirt and am not comfortable getting the system that wet. This is recommended for everyone, either sexually or for pain and back related issues.

Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator
Online Price : $199.99
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - For Pleasure And Pain Relief
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Sophisticated Electro Stimulator For Pleasure And Pain Relief

The Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator is a product that fulfills many different needs and pleasures. I love mine! I purchased it after I received my TENS unit via prescription after injuries, but my husband and I had wanted one for quite a while. I wanted another stimulator to go along with my TENS and help block the pain in my back and neck. Once I had my pain managed to a tolerable level, I decided the iStim would be our TENS pleasure toy.

You would think I would be comfortable playing with the Nexus iStim sexually, but I was a bit scared to use it near my intimate, private parts. I made my husband go first. Of course, my excuse was that I use a TENS unit all the time so it was his turn.

The iStim comes in a hard plastic case that has different compartments for your accessories. The interior is foam lined. It comes with a manual - Read this first! Four adhesive electrode pads, which are reusable, non-sticky and do not leave residue upon removal. There are two wires, and accessory toy  attachments. You need to purchase your own toys and also a 9 Volt battery.

The iStim unit looks a bit intimidating, even though it fits nicely in your hand, but is easy to use. It has two buttons on the top which power the left and right electrode pads. They determine the strength of your electric stimulation. The face has an LCD display and a sliding panel. The buttons are Mode, Amp, Width and Time which are used to set the pattern, strength, width and time for use.

There are 7 modes:

Modulation 2,
Modulated frequency-length,
Strength intensity, and
Strength pulse.

Wash the area for pad placement with soap and water. Dry thoroughly and make sure there is no hair on the area. Gently place the pads on your skin and enjoy. Remove gently, wipe pads with damp cloth and dry immediately, place back on card. Do not use silicone lubricant prior to placement. I recommend no lubricant,since it will shorten the life of the adhesive on the pads. Rubbing alcohol can be a great skin cleaner prior to placement and will help the pads stick. Wipe the control box with a lightly damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not get your Nexus iStim wet!

I had my husband read the instructions again and supplemented them with my medical instructions from my TENS unit. When he figured out the controls, knobs and placement of the pads, the fun began! He placed two of the pads on his penis, avoiding the major blood vessels, and turned the controls on 1. Slowly, we upped the amps to about 3 and let him rise to the occasion. When he felt like a bit more was needed, we dialed to 4 and he ejaculated like a geyser!

Of course, when I saw how good it was for him I had to try it out myself. I placed the electrodes on my inner thighs and enjoyed the sensations. I turned the unit off and placed one electrode on the exterior, fleshy are of my vulva and turned it to about 2 - 3, the sensations were really ticklish and amazingly sexual at the same time. I didn't cum, but was so close that when I took the pads off, well, oops! We will buy a couple of the toys and try them soon.

The Nexus iStim is designed as a nerve blocker for chronic or severe pain. With the correct placement on your back, it will soothe an ache or block severe pain. It helps leg cramps, shoulder pain, sciatic pain and sore muscles. It also stimulates the muscles and can be used as an abdominal and gluteal exerciser and rehabilitates weak leg and arm muscles. Please read more information on pad placement from the website prior to use for these conditions.

The  is a very exciting and sensual product that can blow your mind with the erotic possibilities, and the attachments Nexus makes as sexual toys for this can broaden the scope of uses. This is meant for an advanced user and should not be used irresponsibly.

Warning - The Nexus iStim uses a 9 Volt battery to conduct electrical stimulation, this is dangerous if used improperly and can arc over your heart if used improperly.

Do not place on neck.
Do not use on your head.
Do not use if pregnant.
Do not use if you have heart problems or a pacemaker.
Do not use on pulse points - Wrist, inner elbow, back of knees, etc.
Do not use longer than 30 minutes per session.
Do not place directly over bone.
Do not use directly over your heart or chest.
Do not use in shower or bath.
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