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Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Revolutionary E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation System
Buy Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Revolutionary Stimulation System

The Nexus iStim is a revolutionary electro sex stimulation kit to excite erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure. The iStim system uses TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator - to deliver small electrical pulses into the body via electrode pads placed onto the skin or via the use of various Nexus toys. The Nexus iStim is an electro-sex kit that includes the Nexus Electro-Stim Unit, 3 Nexus Toy attachments, 4 Self-adhesive electrode pads, 2 Sets of lead connectors, an instruction manual, and a 9 volt battery. The Nexus  iStim is compatible with the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro G-Spot and Prostate massagers.

Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator
Online Price : $199.99
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Revolutionary Stimulation System
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Revolutionary E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation System

The packaging is definitely really nice for the Nexus iStim Electro TENS Unit Machine Kit. It comes in a sturdy plastic case that resembles a toolkit. Along the outside of the packaging is a cardboard piece that slides off easily once you receive the toy. You never have to put it back on, so then you’ll just have a plain plastic carrying case that is very discreet. Once you slide the two latches, the case will open up. Inside the case, there are foam inserts with holes cut out to give padding to the areas where the Nexus iStim’s accessories and the main electrosex Nexus unit goes. If you buy accessories, the Nexus iStim Accessories will fit just fine in this foam area.

Before I start into the details of the product,  want to go over some safety information. After all, you will be playing with electricity, and that’s something that not all people can do safely nor should do if their bodies can’t handle it. If you are seizure-prone or pregnant, you should not use this. If you have any heart problems, a pacemaker, or any metal parts in your body, you should not use this.

For one, do not use this around the chest area or on the face. In fact, to be safe, purely use it below the waist unless you are experienced with what you’re doing. Always turn off the Nexus iStim device before adjusting any of the cords. Do not use this with silicone-based lubricant around as it could harm the toy. Do not use this while wet or over any piercings.

If you want to manually stimulate your partner while playing with the Nexus iStim electro sex kit, the instruction manual makes it clear that you should definitely use latex gloves on your hands!

What is the Nexus iStim Electro-Sex device kit?

Well, it’s basically an electricity generation kit. The electricity is generated in the main Nexus iStim unit, and then the electricity travels through the attachments you attach to it, via the two ports in the top, for whatever you you’d like. From there, you can adjust the modes, strength, and other factors using the main device. If you are using the self-adhesive electrode pads, this basically works by having the two pads exchange the current between the two wherever you placed them. For that reason, again, this should never be used around the heart! Consider this a very weak-strength AED device, and you know how they position those pads, so you don’t want that same effect. It would not be safe.

The instruction manual makes it very easy to use the Nexus iStim kit – even if you are new to electro sex toys. It includes how electro sex works and why someone would want to do it, how to control the unit, diagrams and specific instructions on how to use this on a male or female, safety information, care and cleaning information, and the 1-year warranty information.

The Nexus iStim is very easy to use. As soon as you read the instructions and understand the idea of electrosex, you should be able to use this device. I would recommend starting off with the preset settings that the Nexus iStim unit provides, and if you find that you’d like to explore more from just the presets, you can easily adjust each individual setting even more through the individual settings for each specific aspect.

You can adjust a lot of different things about the Nexus iStim device. As always, make sure you start on the lowest settings. You don’t want to end up scaring someone on the first shock! The Electro-sex iStim unit includes 7 present settings which are the perfect starting point if you have no experience with electro-sex. If you want more customization, you can control the time, the amplitude, and the rate of the vibrations very easily through the controls on the iStim unit.

The controls and the set-up is very easy to use. I’m really impressed. There is a large LED display that lets you know what’s going on, and each of the two channels (ports) has a seperate control system. The Nexus iStim unit can be attached to a belt easily to keep it out of the way of hands but still easily accessible. Along with that, so you don’t accidentally hit buttons during use, you can easily slip the slide cover over top the buttons to “hide” the button from being bumped, but the slide cover is easy to remove in case you need to as well.

If you’ve never tried electro-stimulation, it’s certainly a new experience. I won’t say that it’s particularly orgasmic like an orgasm or like vibrations, but it’s more like a tickling sensation. It makes your skin more sensitive, and it can definitely feel good. Make sure to start off on the lower settings and work your way up. And of course, like everything out there, this sensation may not be for you. Electro-stimulation doesn’t feel like any other stimulation you’ve tried before, and just like the g-spot, it may not be the perfect sensation for every person. We definitely do like it, though, and it’s a “shocking” way to add fun to our bedroom play once in awhile.

Also, as the Nexus iStim is a TENS unit, it can be used for sore muscles as well. Again, avoid the heart, chest, and face area, but if you have sore arms or legs from a workout, you can use the self-adhesive electrode pads as regular muscle relaxants. On the lower settings, it really does feel pretty relaxing.

You can also purchase Nexus iStim Accessories to go with your Nexus iStim kit! In case you lose yours, you can also purchase the Nexus iStim Attachments 3 Pack which is the same three attachments that are included in this item.
Cleaning and care is important with a kit like this. You don’t want anything malfunctioning. Everything should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid any problems, and if you’re going to store it for a long time, remove the battery in the main iStim unit. All the accessories (like the c-ring or the Nexus accessory pieces) can be cleaned in warm, soapy water, but they should not be used again until they are 100% dry.

Overall, I really like the Nexus iStim Electro TENS Machine Kit. It seems to outshine the Zeus model really nicely. The instructions are comprehensive, it includes attachments to use with insertable toys, it is very easy to operate and includes all of the accessories you’d need to use the kit for your first electrosex experience, and the controls are simple and easy to use.
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