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Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Heighten Your Senses With E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation
Buy Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Heighten Your Senses With E-Stim

The Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator erotically heightens your senses and excites your body with electrical impulses that are sent to nerve endings through the skin with the four  electro pads or with Nexus iStim compatible sex toys such as the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro. The Nexus iStim is truly an incredible experience. High quality. Includes four electro pads. The erogenous and genital areas contain more nerve endings than other parts of the body, so when electro-stimulation is used on the male or female genitals, sensation is heightened for the most powerful, intense orgasms you ever have.

Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator
Online Price : $199.99
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Heighten Your Senses With E-Stim
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Heighten Your Senses With E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation

The Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator was exclusively created to work with Nexus massager sec toys including the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro. However, if you do not purchase these accessories, your new Nexus iStim electro-stimulation kit includes four electrode pads that you can place directly on the skin for intense electro ses stimulation.

When using the electrode pads, the provided instructions discuss how to apply them for solo use. While the Nexus iStim provides dual channels so that two users may experience electro sex pleasure simultaneously, it is advised that neither partner touch while using their iStim unit together. Other precautions to take are never to place the electrodes above the waist, particularly the breast and nipple area, because the electrical pulses can interfere with the rhythm of the heart. Also, never use silicone lubricant with the Nexus iStim as silicone is an insulator and will reduce conductivity. Be advised that anyone who is pregnant, suffers from heart disease, has metal pins or plates in their body, or suffers from epilepsy is not recommended to use the Nexus iStim.

The electronics of the iStim unit create electrical impulses that are sent to the body along a set of wires through the chosen conductive attachment and to the skin. The chosen attachments can include the electro pads, a cock ring, or compatible G-spot and P-spot toys, such as the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro.

The Nexus iStim unit offers twin channels, LCD display, and is controlled by an 8 bit micro computer that is powered by a 9 volt battery. The user is able to adjust:

the width - size of the area covered by the impulse on the body,
the frequency - time between each individual pulse, and
Intensity - the strength of an impulse of the unit.

The iStim offers seven preset programs of stimulation which users can scroll through with the "Mode" button. Some of the programs are; B (Burst Mode) which contains single bursts of up to 10 individual impulses that are sent in a fixed pattern set by the device. The user is also able to control these separately by using the "Rate" button. MR (Modulation Pulse Frequency) offers a pulses that will decrease continually by 50% each time and then the program will restart the cycle once the lowest frequency has been reached. And SDR (Strength Intensity and Frequency Modulation) features the increase and decrease of both the pulse intensity and pulse frequency. These occur within a cycle of 6 seconds and as the pulse intensity increases, the pulse frequency decreases, etc. Besides these pre-programmed modes (among 4 others not discussed within this review), you can also set the unit manually.

Once you become accustomed and comfortable with the instructions, locate the lead wires provided with your new unit. Insert the plug end of the wire into one of the jack sockets located at the top of your iStim and then attach each wire to the electrode which can then be placed directly onto the skin. If using the iStim with a compatible Nexus toy, remove the stainless steel roller ball located on the perineum stimulator. With your unit off, clip the provided attachment into this now open space and push the lead from the iStim unit into the hole underneath so that it makes direct contact with the attachment.

Nexus advises iStim users to follow a simple clean and care guideline of both your skin and your iStim unit.

Clean your skin where the electrode will be applied with mild soap and water and make sure it is dry before you apply the electrode pad. Trim any excess hair at the application site, smooth out your skin (but do not pull it too taut), and place the pad so that it lays smooth and evenly.

To clean your unit, wipe it with a damp cloth moist with antibacterial soap and water, making sure to not immerse it in water. Apply a drop of cool tap water (never distilled) to the adhesive area of the electrode pad and leave to dry. Reuse all the original plastic bags that come with your unit for storage and keep all parts within the provided plastic case.

If you're looking for the next generation in both sexual and electronic stimulation, the Nexus iStim is a wonderful foray into the exciting and unknown.

My Personal Nexus iStim Experience

I received the Nexus iStim without any Nexus compatible sex toy, so I was only able to experience the electrode pads. The diagram in the booklet showed both thighs with one pad placed on the mid thigh and another the upper thigh, a few inches away from the vagina. With the unit I experienced sensations that ranged from tickles to slightly painful pricks, I never experienced any incredibly negative shocks which was what I had originally feared.

When using the electro pads, the unit did bring me closer to orgasm and helped to intensify my eventual orgasm, which I achieved through clitoral stimulation. I am absolutely dying to try the iStim with a Nexus compatible sex toy because what I felt on my thighs could be truly amazing with a toy placed directly inside of my vagina or anus.

How the electro pads work for males is completely different. The four pads are placed directly on the penis. Every time my husband used the iStim, I could visibly see his penis twitch and could hear his moans.

The Nexus iStim device was easy to operate and the storage box is an unassuming, hard plastic case that looks like something to store a socket set. This is without question a luxury item that delights the Technosexual in each and every one of us. Whether couples are mild or wild, this is something that could truly work for everyone. These particular devices are also used in many medical practices to help with blood circulation, reduce physical pain, increase your body's product of endorphins, and aid in muscle relaxation.

The Nexus iStim unit sends gentle electrical pulses to your nerves, telling them to contract and then relax, as if the message was coming from your brain. If you've never used a TENS unit, you will be amazed, shocked, and probably laugh more than your fair share of times.

If you're looking for unexplored territory or the "next" thing, this will without a doubt, fill any voids you may be experiencing in your sex life.
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