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Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Using TENS Stimulation Fotr E-Stim Sensual Pleasure
Buy Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim / Electrical Stimulation Fetish Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Using TENS For Pleasure

The Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator is a high quality TENS unit which stimulates the nerves with gentle but pleasurable electrical impulses. More to the point, the iStim provides erotic electro-stimulation - also known as e-stim or electro sex - where the stimulation is applied to erogenous zones and male and female genitalia in order to promote sexual pleasure amd even enhanced orgasms. TENS units are non-invasive, safe nerve stimulation devices, and are also used in the home and professionally for pain relief, for migraines and to ease muscle fatigue. The iStim is compatible with Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro G-Spot and Prostate massagers
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator
Online Price : $199.99
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Using TENS For  Electro Sex Pleasure
Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Review - Using TENS Stimulation Fotr E-Stim Sensual Pleasure

Using an electrical current for sensual pleasure or the reduction of pain goes back to 63 CE and the court physician to the Roman emperor Claudius, Scribonius Largus, who discovered that pain relief, and thus pleasure, could be had by standing on an electrical fish at the seashore.

The first recorded instance of electric stimulation devices being used for sexual stimulation and pleasure occur in the 1740's and by the late 1800's electric current belts were being advertised as cures for impotence. In the 1920's the American Medical Association investigated electrical stimulation devices and concluded that they were “more or less mechanical masturbation”. Modern electro-stimulation devices became more mainstream by the 1950's, being advertised to stimulate and relax muscles to relieve back and other areas of pain, which is how vibrators also got  their start.

By the 1970's ingenious kinksters were making their own electro-stimulation devices by playing music on a phonograph and applying bare speaker wires to their genitals and other body parts, producing electrical impulses with the music. More sophisticated kinksters were making machines with copper plumbing parts and other metal bits and pieces, while using resistors to control the current being applied to the skin. With portable medical TENS units becoming available by the mid to late 1970's, using electricity for erotic electrical stimulation became a much easier and more precise form of kink play.

On to the Nexus iStim Electro Sex Stimulator Kit itself.

Nexus iStim Base Kit: The case the Nexus iStim comes in is fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sex-oriented device packaged in such a high class way. The hard plastic case has slide-locks to keep it closed. The base kit includes the iStim unit, a 9 volt battery, 4 sticky electro-pads, leads and a snap connector that attaches the red lead to the Nexus C-Ring cock ring. From there, you can buy any number of attachments, plugs and dildos to use with your Nexus iStim.

Nexus iStim Impluse Intensity Controls: The instructions have a very good overview of all the different functions of the iStim, such as how adjusting intensity (“bite” of the impulse), frequency (the length of time between impulses) and width (controls the size of the area that you feel the impulse) of the electrical pulses. The iStim has six pre-loaded stimulation programs as well as a full manual mode. Intensity and frequency of the electrical impulses can be fine-tuned with the preset programs also. The instructions are very good in this respect. But, the instructions are lacking respect to the actual use of the unit and it’s accessories. Rummaging around online I discovered that I was not the only one who thought so, either. But, with a basic knowledge of electricity it was not difficult to figure-out.

Nexus iStim Contacts Connected to Electrode Pads and Nexua Glide Prostate Stimulator: Always remember, all electrical connections need power and a ground. So two electrode pads or an electrode pad and the accessory will always be needed. For instance, if you are using the Nexus Glide butt plug / prostate massager / G-spot massager you will need to attach the power lead (red) to the butt plug and the ground lead (black) to an electrode pad stuck to your butt cheek or thigh. When using the Nexus C-Ring cock ring the red lead goes to the cock ring and the black lead to an electrode pad attached to your thigh or pubic area.

My partner, Jade, and I started testing the iStim on her, because she’s a masochist and I’m a bit of a sadist. We first applied the four pads on her inner thighs and began by letting the machine do it’s thing with the pre-installed programs and then messing around with the intensity and frequency of the electricity. Depending on the intensity the width, Jade compared the sensation ranging anywhere from a warm vibration to a feeling akin to being lightly tattooed in more sensitive areas, and she should know because she is heavily tattooed over much of her body. Although producing some pretty intense stimulation it wasn’t doing much for her sexual arousal, so we moved the electrodes up to her pubic area, placing them on both sides and just above her clitoris. That did the trick and we were now on our way toward orgasm.

Nexus iStim Adjustments for Mode, Time, Impulse Width and Impulse Rate: We messed around with the settings until we found the frequency, intensity and width settings that was moving her closer to orgasm, but after quite a while it just didn’t happen. Jade is not a woman who orgasms quickly and it takes a while to bring her to climax in any situation. So out came the faithful Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Hitachi Magic Wand placed directly on her clitoris working with the electrical impulses from the Nexus iStim produced a mind-blowing orgasm within minutes. The sensations of the rhythmic pulsing of the iStim combined with the direct clitoral stimulation gave her an orgasm unlike one she’d experienced up to this point. Was it better than other orgasms? Not necessarily. As she put it: “It was different and awesome in it’s own way. It was not at all like orgasms from other toys or methods”. An orgasm she wants to experience over an over again. The Nexus iStim definitely added intensity as well as a new dimension to Jade’s orgasms. The trick is finding which combination of intensity, rate and width really do it for you. I’m sure there is one or more that will work for Jade, but it will take more time to find it, and getting there is half the fun, right?
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