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PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode - For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure

With a sleek new look, the PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode, or LBM as we call it, is now plug-n-play. Paradise Electro Stimulations has made several major improvements to our ever popular Little Big Man starting with the addition of its own delivery cord which connects the LBM directly to the P.E.S. Power Box eliminating the need for Low Profile Leads.

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode (LBM) has undergone an evolution! It is still the ideal Electrode to deliver Erotic Electro Sex Stimulation to the G-Spot, but now with its new translucent vinyl shield, it can also be used to deliver intense Electro Stimulation to the Clitoris and surrounding tissues! A Bi-Polar Electrode, it consists of a 1 ½” dual conductive aluminum ball tethered to a non-conductive translucent vinyl shield (called the Base Platform) that ties into place over the vaginal mound with latex straps to hold the Base Platform securely in place.

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode itself is comprised of three main components: the conductive ball, delivery cord, and the non-conductive transparent base platform.

The conductive ball is a lamination of polished aluminum and black acrylic which forms a double pole Electrode that measures about 1 ½” in diameter. These new materials enhance the LBM making it a more efficient and effective electrode when receiving commands from the P.E.S. Power Box while energized with a 9-volt battery.

The delivery cord is approximately 4’ long weaving through the non-conductive translucent base plate in an “S” configuration and transports the signals from the P.E.S. Power Box to the conductive ball. Fitted with a 3.5mm phone jack, the delivery cord plugs directly into channel A or B of the Power Box.

We have given the base platform an exciting new look with the use of a translucent vinyl and improved the shape making it more conforming to the curves of the female anatomy. The LBM's new shape is more comfortable to wear under clothing while shopping at your favorite Fetish Boutique.

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode is one of our most versatile and pleasurable female Electrodes! The LBM can be inserted vaginally for extremely effective g-spot stimulation or nestled clitorally for arousing external stimulation of the clitoris and surrounding tissues.

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode base platform straps over the vaginal mound, either leaving the clitoris exposed through the Clitoral Access Port to allow manual, oral, or vibratory stimulation of the clitoris while the LBM ball delivers Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) to the G-Spot. Or it acts as an anchor to hold the LBM in place for breath-taking external clitoral stimulation when the ball is cradled in the Clitoral Access Port.

The Little Big Man is considered a stationary device, because it delivers a focused stimulation to a specific spot, i.e., the g-spot or clitoris. The opening in the Little Big Man Base Platform is called the Clitoral Access Port. This opening allows for access to the clitoris when the Little Big Man is inserted vaginally for manual, oral, or vibratory stimulation. Or this opening anchors the LBM Ball firmly in place for external clitoral stimulation. (Note: When used externally, shaving the genital area is strongly encouraged to help ensure good contact.)

And now the PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode is a ‘plug-n-play’ Electrode! Like The Samurai, the Little Big Man is now hard-wired so all you have to do is tie it in place for internal or external stimulation and plug it into your power source!

Note: The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode is a vaginal Electrode. This Electrode is not designed for anal insertion or removal.

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode can be used in conjunction with other PES devices such as the single pole Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug or the Anal Tubular. Please note that use with any uni-polar Electrode in a 3-Electrode Configuration will only work with the PES Power Box.

Recommended Lubrication: Olive Oil or any water-based lubricant is all acceptable. DO NOT use silicone-based lubricants. Silicone acts as an insulator, reducing the effectiveness of the Erotic Electro Stimulation, and can possibly damage the Electrode. Ready for use with The PES Power Box.

It will also plug directly into the ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX

Not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)

The PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode  is BI-POLAR.

Bi-Polar: Also known as a dual electrode device. A dual-electrode device has a "Y" adapter. A bi-polar device can be used alone, or with another attachment. The bi-polar design is easy to use with or without other accessories. Bi-polar refers to an electrical play electrode or attachment that utilizes some type of a spring clip that has a contact on each of its jaws. Each contact point is then hooked up to a generator (electrical stimulation unit, such as a power box).
PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode - For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex
PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode
Online Price : $200.00
Paradise Electro-Sex And PES Accessories For ElectroStim Fetishism Pleasure
PES Little Big Man G-Spot Electrode - For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex
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