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Buy PES Paradise Electro Vaginal Plug Electrode Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim Fetish Pleasure
PES Paradise Electro Vaginal Shield Electrode For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
PES Vaginal Shield Labia / Clitoral Electrode - For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure

The PES Vaginal Shield is a concave acrylic plate designed for erotic electro stimulation of the outer lips of the labia. Latex straps are provided to hold the shield closely against the Venus mound, making good contact with the labial lips. The straps also allow the shield to be moved for varying the erotic electro stimulation.

The sensations on the genitalia offered by the PES Vaginal Shield can be quite unusual. As electro stimulation occurs, a pulling sensation starts in the clitoris. The tingling energy plays lightly around your sensitive vaginal area like an invisible mouth sucking you out. This sensation can create intense arousal, especially when the Power Box is adjusted to peak performance.

The PES Vaginal Shield item is not for the beginner to electro sex play. It takes experience to get this item configured properly for a pleasurable experience.

The PES Vaginal Shield is a great Electrode for couples electro sex play, since you and your partner can turn the application of the Vaginal Shield into an erotically orgasmic journey and at the same time ensure that the Electrode has good contact with the target area.

The PES Vaginal Shield can also be used in a number of other locations below the waist. It can be attached to the scrotum, the inside of the thighs, and even to the soles of the feet.

Important Safety Notes: Please note that when using the PES Vaginal Shield it is strongly recommended to shave the genital area to ensure better contact.

Due to its design, the PES Vaginal Shield should only be used with our low profile lead technology. Use with other leads may cause damage to the Electrode or it may not function properly.

General Lubrication: PES recommends the use of a lubricant with the PES Vaginal Shield. Lubricant not only lubricates but also decreases the possibility of hot spots. We recommend PES ElectroLube. Y

Caution: Do not use lubricants with silicone ingredients on the PES Vaginal Shield. Silicone is an insulator which greatly affects conductivity, and can chemically bond to the products made from Electro-Flex when applied over a long period of time. This will cause the apparatus to cease to function properly, and may void the warranty on the Electro-Flex line.

Cleaning: The PES Vaginal Shield can be cleansed in a 10% bleach 90% water solution with a few drops of dishwashing liquid or anti-bacterial soap. Make sure to rinse the Electrode thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before use. Do not soak or scrub. Because it is made of clear acrylic, we do not recommend using isopropyl alcohol on this product as it can cause damage in the long term to acrylics.

The PES Vaginal Shield is ready for use with The PES Powerbox

Requires PES Low Profile Leads for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX

The PES Vaginal Shield is not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)

PES Vaginal Shield Electrode - For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
PES Vaginal Shield Electrode
Online Price : $80.00
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