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Buy Urethral Sound Kits And Urethral Sound Accessories Online For Electro Sex / E-Stim Fetish Pleasure
Urethral Sound Kits And Accessories For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Violet Wand Kits And Accessories For Fetish And BDSM Electro Sex Pleasure
Order Urethral Sounds Kits For Intense Electro Sex Pleasure

In medicine, sounds are instruments for probing and dilating passages within the body, the best-known examples of which are urethral sounds and uterine sounds. Some people enjoy using them for urethral sex play, including for electro sex and e-stim purposes. Urethral sounds are designed to be inserted into the male or female urethra, for the purpose of stretching or unblocking a stricture. There are a number of different types of urethral sounds:

Bakes sounds, also known as Rosebud or Bullet sounds, have a long thin metal rod with a bulbous bud on the end.
Diddle or Dittel sounds have a flat end and a rounded end.
Hegar or Henk sounds have a more pronounced curve at the ends, as well as a metal rib on each end.
Pratt sounds are longer urethral dilators - double ended Pratt sounds are usually almost a foot long - with rounded and slightly bent ends.
Van Buren sounds have a very pronounced tips and applicators.

What's a urethral sound you may ask? Urethral sounds are used in male or female medical fetish and sex play scenes. Urethral sounding play is an exhilarating way to gently stretch the urethra, and for men, stimulate the prostate from within. Both men and women will enjoy the scintillating stimulation when you add vibration into the mix.

Today urethral sounds or dilators are better known as devices to enhance sexual sensations, especially for men. The sound must be inserted into the urethra, which is the urine and semen ejaculation opening found at the tip of the penis. When the sound is placed and inserted properly, the tip will rest very close the prostate. By manipulating the sound, stimulation sensations will be enhanced bringing about greater sexual pleasure.

If you are searching for urethral sounds, you will find only those of the best quality features on this web site. Urethral sounds need to be inserted while the penis is relaxed. This can be very tricky if the person has never used anything like this before. However, with a bit of experience, the insertion will go very smoothlt.

Urethral sounds were created for urethral stimulation and must always be immaculately clean so as not to introduce germs into the urethra. For those that use urethral stimulation toys, the most important thing to remember is to keep the sounds clean, and ensure they are not scratched, because even the smallest scratch can damage the lining of the urethra.

For safety purposes urethral sounds only be used by one man, and should be cleaned before each use with soap and water, then use an alcohol wipe, and last with hydrogen peroxide. Each cleaning solution should be used for around 15 minutes to ensure the toy is cleaned properly.

If more than one man is using any urethral stimulation sounds, the instrument should be boiled in a glass pan or pot, which will ensure the sound does not become scratched, which can happen with metal pans. Always place the urethral sound on a sterile surface such as gauze after cleaning. It is also wise to wear gloves when cleaning and touching the sounds in order to ensure they stay sterile before using.
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