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The Violet Ray is the grandparent of the violet wand.  They are no longer the same devices, but without the invention and development of the violet ray we would not have had the development of the violet wand.

In the late 1800’s with the spread of the use of electricity and the proliferation of electricity related inventions, electricity was touted as a means to cure many physical and mental ailments. Respected medical science developed electricity therapies in the treatment of many diseases, including in mental institutions. It became common for many individual households to have an electrical shock box as part of their inventory. These were lovely well-made wooden boxes that contained galvanic shock apparatus powered by the newly invented dry cell battery. Many of these old electrical shock treatment devices can be found in antiques stores, museums, and among quack medical collections today.

Nikolas Tesla was one of the pioneering inventors of the century - though he is largely forgotten today - and among his inventions was what was known as the Tesla coil, a coil that disrupted electrical flow and transformed it. Combined with the electric shock medical box apparatuses in use at the time, his Tesla coil was employed in subsequent devices. This next generation of electric therapy devices diffused the electric shock into charges of strong DC electricity. When the electrical charge travelled through gas-filled glass tubes, it excited the gas and caused it to glow. It was purported at the time that the smaller particles would be absorbed more readily by the body than it had with the old dry cell shock boxes.

Violet ray therapy devices became very popular as a cure-all, especially during the 1920's and 30's, when health became a greater concern among the population. There were at-home kits with very basic attachments, and Doctors-only kits with a multitude of attachments meant for insertion into bodily orifices. Some manufacturers of early wands went out of business during the depression, and wands by these manufacturers are highly sought by collectors.

World War II also had an effect on the violet wands as metal parts were needed by the war effort and wood went into building. Boxes for devices made during this period of wartime shortages are usually made of heavy cardboard. New technology resulted in further improvements to wands manufactured during this time. However, their success was fleeting and consumers stopped buying them when the promised medical cures never came about, and all they got was shocked by sparks. Because the devices were thought to improve circulation, they found their way into beauty salons for scalp and facial treatments after they were discarded by the medical community for having only limited medical uses.

During the middle of the last century, various government agencies began banning, recalling, confiscating and destroying violet rays and effected a case-law ban on their manufacture in the USA.

Edgar Cayce, the famous spiritualist, was a proponent of the violet wand for metaphysical uses and they experienced a resurgence during the earthy 60's and 70's, especially as they emit ozone and small amounts of UV which kills bacteria. But while some were consigned to attics or sold in flea markets as curiosities, most were disposed of entirely. The old brochures and pamphlets are full of misinformation and outrageous claims for the treatment of disease and are also highly collectible.

Interestingly, violet ray devices are experiencing a resurgence in alternative medicine therapies. For example, currently you may find dermatologists using devices based on violet ray technology in the treatment of acne and in stimulation of the scalp for hair loss. In modern times, the technologies of violet wands - specifically for kinky or erotic uses - and violet ray devices - specifically for cosmetological purposes - have diverged somewhat. Violet ray devices used by aestheticians today, do not have near the output levels of violet wands as they have evolved.

In the mid 1990’s, an MLM company began marketing a transitional violet ray device.  This was a much safer device than the antique versions. Kinksters caught on to its possibilities and in the late 1990’s, Donnie Rice began manufacturing and marketing a brand new violet wand specifically engineered and made for fetish and electro sex use. Thus the e-stim violet wand was born from its violet ray grandparents.

Violet rays and violet wands are not the same devices; they are engineered differently, though they have similarities and share ancestry.  In the USA all violet rays were made 70 -100 years ago, a time when there were no electrical or safety standards.  Being ungrounded, violet rays have the potential to deliver live household current through them to the end user. Add to the fact that their electrical wiring is 70 -100 years old, and the wiring will likely be deteriorated.  You would not dream of using a 70 year old toaster; please do not plug in a 70 year old violet ray 'as is' to use it on someone!  Just because it runs when you plug it in, doesn't mean its not a deadly disaster waiting to happen.

That said, violet rays have a distinct appeal in their history and beauty.  You can have a violet ray restored and made safe for fetish use.  You will want to see a qualified and experienced restoration craftsman.
A History Of The Violet Ray Device - The Precursor Of The Violet Wand
Everything You Need To Know About Violet Wands - Violet Rays Are Violet Wand Precursors
A History Of The Violet Ray Device - The Precursor Of The Violet Wand
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